oes your website have professional video? If not, you are missing out on what is unquestionably the most effective way to communicate your message. And when Faith Daily produces your video, we guarantee it will be 'price-less.'

Our professionally produced videos are
donated to qualifying clients.

We will produce an emotionally powerful video for your website — for FREE!

Faith Daily has produced videos for churches and non-profits throughout the country. Most feature members and leaders telling their stories in 3-5 minute 'mini-movies.' Normally, these high quality productions would cost thousands of dollars to produce, but Faith Daily produces them for you at no charge. Scheduling, filming, interviewing and creative production — all for FREE!

Powerful, Emotional & Informative
This demo shows 'clips' from various church videos we have produced and shot on-location. We also have a series of stock videos that we can quickly customize for your needs in your community.

Our custom produced videos are a powerful and dynamic addition to your website. Unlike homemade YouTube® style videos, ours are professionally produced, compelling to watch and perfect for inviting website visitors and members alike to participate in your church or nonprofit. Also unlike YouTube® videos, our videos are not hosted on YouTube. There are no other videos that will play before or after your video, and there are absolutely no ads or commercials of any type.

FOUR WAYS to get professional video on your site ... all FREE!

Request customization one or more of our existing, multi-use videos with your name, location and phone number and whatever short text message you would like to feature. Because customizing these videos does not require a visit to your location, it is the quickest way we can help you. These semi-custom videos are usually available within a week after you request them. View a sample video here.

Send us some photos and/or video and we will further customize one of our existing videos with your name, location and phone number, plus your photos and perhaps a short video message from your pastor or organization director. This process usually takes a few weeks to complete.

Request us to edit and produce video and photos you have taken at your location. Simply send us the files, tell us what message you want to convey, and we'll put together a polished, highly creative, compelling presentation for you. This process usually takes 1-2 months to complete.

Request an on-site visit to your location to create a 100% custom video. We can film anywhere in the U.S., except Alaska and Hawaii. If you are in our area of the country (the southeastern U.S.), you may also opt to film at our studios in South Carolina for an even more professional result.

PLEASE NOTE: There may be a significant wait time for this level of service depending on our current schedule and what time of year you wish to film. (We generally do not travel to freezing locales in the winter months.) Also, there is a mileage charge to bring our RV/studio equipment to your location. To learn more about how an on-site production works, click here.

How do our videos get on YOUR website?

That's easy. We'll send you a high-definition copy of the video on a USB drive or, if you prefer, provide you with a link where you can download and/or link to it. If you don't know how to add video to your site, we can help with that as well. Where you place your video on your website or how you use it in your outreach programs is entirely up to you. (The only restrictions on the use of videos we create for you are solely copyright related. You may not modify, duplicate, or redistribute the videos or create any derivative works from them.)

Request your FREE VIDEO now! ...

Simply click the TALK TO US tab above and we'll be in touch. You are under no obligation to use our videos, but we need to know a bit about your church or non-profit to determine what type of video would help you the most.