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FaithDaily.com is a non-commercial, educational website. It is published by a couple in South Carolina. Profit is not their motive; helping you help others is their only goal.

We realize no financial gain in publishing this site and therefore do not sell, rent or transfer ANY information obtained from any visitor to this website, including e-mail addresses, to any third party.

This website does not use web browser ‘cookies’ to obtain information from visitors. This site is also 100% free of social media links or tracking technology embedded by us. 

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We will never ask you to 'like' us, 'follow' us, 'share' us, or ‘tweet’ about us. There is nothing we have to say that should interrupt your day. We are 100% social media AND commercial free.

Note: Unlike other companies that provide services similar to ours, we are not selling anything. Plus, what we do offer (free video services) must be limited due to operational constraints. If our goal was strictly commercial,   a robust social media program — like it or not — would be essential.

We Trust You. You Can Trust Us.

Only those churches and nonprofits who communicate with us will receive periodic e-mail from FaithDaily. Those e-mails are mostly limited to notifications whenever we have new videos to offer our clients. You can remove your e-mail address from our records at any time by clicking here.

If changes to this policy are required, you will be notified via a posting on this page and — if you are on our e-mail list — via a separate e-mail. If you have questions about this policy, please click here to send us a note. We promise not to junk mail you. Heck, we won't even talk to you unless you call us.

Now that's something you can really 'like' about us.

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