aith Daily was founded to help its clients 'make a difference' in their communities by effectively using video on their websites and in their presentations. The services we offer are the best, most professional available ... designed to help you better communicate your message and build a stronger sense of community among your members.

What sets us apart from others is that we are a philanthropic organization. Our services are provided entirely FREE to churches and qualifying nonprofits.

e offer our services with only one goal in mind — to help you help your community. There are absolutely NO strings attached to our offer to help if you qualify. We simply want to help our neighbors and our nation. Your satisfaction is payment enough for us.

Husband and wife team Ron and Tricia are the founders of In early 1991, after a 17-year career as an executive in the microcomputer industry, Ron started a marketing company that assisted others, primarily small businesses, with a variety of sales, advertising and marketing projects.

In 1998, Ron began developing commercial websites that were consistently recognized for their creativity. It wasn't long before the largest healthcare provider in South Carolina awarded Ron a contract to redesign their entire Web presence. Many other projects followed, but of all the clients he was involved with, Ron most enjoyed working with faith and nonprofit organizations.

In 2003, Ron's father died, leaving him with a strong desire to honor his dad's 83 years of unconditional kindness to others. His work with faith organizations seemed like a great place to start. This website ( and this ambitious endeavor was born.

Ron's dad, shown in this photo, is the inspiration for
The programs we offer honor his 83 years of unconditional kindness to others.

any churches and nonprofits do not effectively utilize the Web. Often, the reason is because the design and maintenance of their website is left to volunteers who, although well-intentioned, simply do not have the time or expertise to offer the breadth and quality of services that are needed. Because funds required to do the job professionally are also in short supply, many of these sites are nothing more than a few neglected pages in cyberspace. Often, they have no real impact on the ministries or missions, or the organizations that established them.

At Faith Daily, we no longer design websites for our clients but we can make suggestions on how you can dramatically improve yours. And with our free video production services, it is now possible for you to have a professional, media-rich Web presence which we believe is essential in today's technology driven world.

E-mail us to learn more. We welcome the opportunity to assist you.