“All of our currently offered services are provided completely free of charge. Even if you request us to assist in a fee capacity, and we agree, you will pay only whatever you can afford and whenever you can afford to pay it.”

A lot of folks do a 'double take' when they read our fee pledge, but you read it right. There is no fine print. FaithDaily.com was founded to help faith communities and nonprofits realize the potential of an effective online communications program. We serve our clients to help them make a difference.

We know we won't become a financial success with this philosophy but, in the opinion of our clients, we have already become the best video producer anywhere for churches and nonprofits. Our reach has also grown significantly over the years and we are excited about the opportunities that emerging technologies always bring.

We offer our services with only one goal in mind — to help you grow the good work you do. There are absolutely NO strings attached to our offer to help you if you qualify.

Our services are provided completely free of charge. If you insist on paying, and we agree to accept your payment, you simply make whatever payment you can ... whenever you can. There will never be any interest charges, no late fees, and we will never report you to any credit agencies. Your account will be due only when you say you can afford to pay it. Even if you take years to pay it or can never pay it, we will always strive to provide our services to you.

Believe it or not, we'll put this in writing. The support of people like you and others who contribute the skill and financial resources required to do this work makes it possible for us to offer you this unconditional pledge of assistance.

Want to do your website yourself? Call us and we'll offer some suggestions on how to 'do-it-yourself' like a pro. While we no longer design new websites for new clients, we are always glad to assist you in finding a good web partner.

Want us to produce a professional video presentation for you? Call us to discuss your needs and timetable. Our video production services are offfered free of charge ... a labor of love for us. There is a modest one-time mileage fee for us to drive to and from a location outside of our local area (in one of our video equipped RVs) but, otherwise, everything is completely free — the use of our equipment, our creative talent, interviewing your members, even final editing of the video production.

Producing a meaningful video takes a lot of tools, talent and work on our end, and some initial input from you. While we promise to bring your new video online as quickly as possible, we ask for your patience to insure that the job is done professionally.