“If you are unable to pay our fee, we will accept whatever you can afford and whenever you can afford to pay it.”

A lot of folks do a 'double take' when they read our fee pledge, but you read it right. There is no fine print. FaithDaily.com was founded to help faith communities and nonprofits realize the potential of an effective online communications program. We serve our clients to help them make a difference. We believe that by placing this objective first in our business plan that the 'business' part of the plan will take care of itself.

We know we won't become a big financial success with this philosophy but, in the opinion of our clients, we have already become the best website and video producer for churches and nonprofits. Our reach has also grown significantly over the years and we are excited about the opportunities that emerging technologies always bring.

We offer our services with only one goal in mind — to help you grow the good work you do. There are absolutely NO strings attached to our offer to help you.

We invoice all of our clients the same one-time fee to design (or redesign) their websites. The amount of that fee depends on the size of your site. There is also a modest monthly fee for ongoing services, such as hosting and maintaining your site. But — and this is what separates us from everyone else — if you are unable to pay an invoice from us, simply make whatever payment you can ... whenever you can. There will never be any interest charges, no late fees, and we will never report you to any credit agencies. The balance on your account will be due only when you say you can afford to pay it. Even if you take years to pay it or can never pay it, we'll strive to continue to provide our services to you.

Believe it or not, we'll put this in writing. The support of people like you and others who contribute the skill and financial resources required to do this work makes it possible for us to offer you this unconditional pledge of assistance.

Want to do your website yourself? We can help ... at no charge. Call us and we'll offer some suggestions on how to 'do-it-yourself.'

Want us to design your site? We'd be delighted! Of the many Web companies that serve faith communities; there are none like Faith Daily.

We don't offer 'cookie-cutter' template websites that you must fully deploy and maintain yourself... with severely limited layout and creative possibilities.

At Faith Daily, we provide only custom design services. We also 100% maintain all of the sites we design (on a daily basis), insuring that our professional design remains consistent even when you have well-intentioned volunteers who may not have consistent graphic or Web coding skills. We can also provide you with the most powerful tools available to update those sections of your site that you may want to do yourself, such as your calendar and news pages.

Another remarkable difference between us and other firms is that we donate the highly regarded video services that our clients use to differentiate themselves from other websites. And we donate this resource to our clients regardless of whether they choose to use us as their Web partner.

Also, we do not accept and will not run any advertising on your site except for copyright notices and acknowledgements of the services that we provide.

Designing a truly effective website or producing a meaningful video takes a lot of tools, talent and work on our end, and some initial input from you. While we promise to bring your new website or video online as quickly as possible, we ask for your patience to insure that the job is done professionally.